Photo by  Robyn Ivy

Photo by Robyn Ivy

Nikki Juen is an artist, designer and educator interested in the spaces where these practices overlap. She is an Assistant Professor-in-Residence in the Division of Experimental and Foundation Studies at Rhode Island School of Design and the Faculty Chair of the MFA in Graphic Design at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Her research focuses on the body as media and the ways humans share a collective social body. Her classes, workshops and mentorships explore the development of the individual through the culture producing roles of art and design in society. She helps non-profits, institutions, and individuals develop attentive and holistic understanding of their intention, function, and efficacy. Juen recently spoke in Chicago on International Women’s Day as part of the American Institute of Graphic Arts initiative, Women in Design: Leading with Intent and Integrity.

Juen’s collective, Public Displays of Affection (PDA) is a collective of artists, designers, educators, and organizers that engage in nonviolent direct art action. Their actions start with hope and aim to build communities that thrive on intersecting relationships. To resist misogyny, sexism, and exclusion they practice rematriation and believe interconnectivity is essential in honoring the earth and all living beings. PDA collective stands in solidarity with a chorus of voices from all socio-economic, geographic, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including indigenous communities, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ communities.