the heart of the matter.

<< Tantra teaches us that there is a unifying continuity between our physical bodies, the activities of our mind and emotions, and all forms of interior awareness. All of these are manifestations of the one source; thus, we are all microcosmic pulsations of the whole, expressions in bodily form, within the illusory dimension of time and space, of Universal Consciousness (Parama Shiva). In Tantric Yoga, we do not seek, therefore, to “change” ourselves; rather, through practice we gradually begin to recognize that everything we have sought outside of ourselves—peace, love, contentment, security, etc. —vibrates as the heart energy (hridayam) of the universe within our own hearts. Yoga simply unveils this reality as your true nature at the moment that the Shakti (Divine Energy-Consciousness) begins to expand outward once again in the form of your own awakening. It cannot be otherwise. Our awakening is merely this: we recognize our own heart to be one with the central point of Supreme Consciousness, the point from which all things ebb and flow in the bliss-dance of the Universe. >> -Christopher Tompkins