Do not let this universe regret you.

Praise the miracle body The odd and undeniable mechanics of hand

Hundred boned foot, perfect stretch of tendon

Praise the veins that river these wrists

Praise the prolapsed valve in a heart

Praise the scars marking a gallbladder absent

Praise the rasp and rattle of functioning lungs

Praise the pre-arthritic ache of elbows and ankles

Praise the lifeline sectioning a palm

Praise the photographic pads of fingertips

Praise the vulnerable dip at the base of a throat

Praise the muscles surfacing on an abdomen

Praise these arms that carry babies, and anthologies

Praise the leg hairs that sprout and are shaved

Praise the ass that refuses to shrink or be hidden

Praise the cunt that bleeds and accepts, bleeds and accepts

Praise the prominent ridge of nose

Praise the strange convexity of rib cage

Praise the single hair that insists on growing from a right areola

Praise the dent where the mole was clipped from the back of a neck

Praise these inner thighs brushing

Praise these eyelashes that sometimes turn inward

Praise these hips preparing to spread into a grandmother’s skirt

Praise the beauty of the freckle on the first knuckle of a left little finger

We’re gone in a blizzard of seconds

Love the body human while we’re here

A gift of minutes on an evolving planet

A country in flux, give thanks

For bone, and dirt, and the million things that will kill us someday

Motion and the pursuit of happiness, no garauntees, give thanks

For chaos theory, ecology, common sense that says we are web

A planet in balance or out

That butterfly in Tokyo setting off thunder storms in Iowa

Tell me you don’t matter to a universe that conspired to give you such a tongue

Such rhythm or rhythmless hips

Such opposable thumbs

Give thanks, or go home a waste of spark

Speak, or let the maker take back your throat

March, or let the creator rescind your feet

Dream, or let your god destroy your good and fertile mind

This is your warning

This your birthright

Do not let this universe regret you

-Marty McConnell