03 / 03 / 18

"I am my own touchstone." -Roxane Gay

"We can measure our pain with our joy." -Roxane Gay

08 / 02 / 17

My current practice of making and research values the connection of things and the im/materiality of the web, moving images, and sound as a precise space for the practice of an affective form of connection.

I contend that the investigation of the machine/object in the body in the context of this work aids in the sensual development of being.

Humans are the technology, and our awareness of this position is the evolutionary acceleration that can be taken in our lifetimes.

06 / 04 / 16

How does the porous human body know the world before the brain describes an experience? My work investigates this pre-cognitive relationship through the use of gestures and codes that employ feeling to reconstitute experiences of being alive. I use the physical body as the first probe in this investigation taking up conversation at the very edges of the sensate realm.

As a poli-disciplinary practitioner, I explore the actions of making art, design thinking, and education as agency in a search to represent the ways humans share a collective social body. Through gestures of receiving and giving, I seek participatory engagement as an aesthetic form that considers the viewers implication in layers of public feelings.

With a focus on the body as media as well as the contemplative mind in higher education, my work attempts to understand how the body is media for light and dark and how to make this understanding functional. In other words, how can we understand the experiences of a porous social body as an opportunity to live well. And since we don’t all live well, or have experiences in wellness, can healing occur in situations and places that do nothing to support the wholeness of individual human experience?

11 / 15 / 15

I consider art, design, and education as mediums.

12 / 11 / 15

Can a deplorable experience also be reparative?

12 / 24 / 15

“Seeing is more than a physiological phenomenon...We see not only with our eyes but with all that we are and all that our culture is. The artist is a professional see-er.” —Dorothea Lange

08 / 07 / 15

The constructed world is felt both inside and outside the economy of corporeal space. The origin of these feelings is an arranged dispersal through the myths of media, commerce, and technology. These dispersals as ruptures highlight yearnings for connection and community. How does an individual grasp the understanding that we can also be a singularity in a perceived chaotic whole?

3 / 17 / 15

“Liberating education consists of acts of cognition, not transferals of information.” —Paulo Freire

05 / 02 / 14

Can words and language direct us towards an adjacent possible?

  • individuality and singularity
  • corporeal space
  • proximity
  • relationship performance
  • affect
  • trace / sign / absence
  • mothering

04 / 28 / 14

The New Materialists [Katherine Hayles] are at long last pulling the great shared thoughts past the historic binary structures of human-centric materialism. With no fixed definition of what constitutes nature or life, the New Materialists thinkers, like many theoretical physicists, prize relationships and pattern over matter and the particulate.